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Brookies diapers and wipes offer non-profits and charities the opportunity to

serve more families with our high quality diapers at a low, wholesale prices.

Save volunteer time with convenient 25 packs!

See How Brookies™ OUTPERFORMS


Thinner is better

Diapers with a core of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) are made to hold a lot of fluid!

SAPs consist of a network of hydrophilic polymer chains. Their primary characteristics are their ability to absorb liquids, turn the liquids into gels and hold them even under pressure. When this is applied in diapers, leakage of urine is prevented and baby's bottom stays dry.

These thin diapers are the most absorbent!

Not only do Brookies™ offer two layers of SAP in their 8 layer construction, they also use an ultra thin, breathable backsheet with a nonwoven topsheet that is as soft as cotton fabric. 

Unbeatable prices

Brookies Price Chart 5-9-24.JPG

*4 pallet minimum for free shipping. Contact us for shipping quote on less than 4 pallets.


"We just spent a few minutes doing a little test with three brands of diapers including a Brookies™. Out of the three, we were by far the most impressed with how the Brookies held up. They each held 2 cups of water, but the Brookies still felt dry...that was good to see and I'm sure our families will say the same."

Victoria Ross

Deputy Director | Alaska Adoption Services, Community Diaper Pantry

"I can tell the Brookieswipes are a more saturated product than our previous brand ... it means that they are getting a better product, so families that receive them will be able to make them go further.  

We will be continuing this relationship and we are going to keep searching for product that we need with HDI first!"

Amanda Greninger

Director of Operations | Greater DC Diaper Bank

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