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health & hygiene

HDI regularly works with organizations that serve their community by dispensing products to meet essential needs. Our wide array of health and hygiene supplies include both travel and full size options, undergarments, and inclement weather necessities. 

Three convenient options:

  • Health & Hygiene products by the case

Shop online or call us for a custom quote. Receive supplies in case packs and assemble them into kits on your own or give out individually.​

  • We stuff bags with your chosen hygiene products to make kits

Choose the supplies and we do the work of kitting them for you. We ship them ready for distribution.​

  • Premade Hygiene kits

Based on our most popular hygiene kit items, we have several premade kits to choose from. See below to shop now and get them shipped right away.

Premade hygiene kits
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