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Wholesale distributors enable you to shop closest to the 'source' of production, eliminating several levels of mark-ups that occur in retail stores. This means you pay less for the same products. Distributors are able to do this by selling bulk quantities of the products you need and shipping them in an efficient manner. Customers must purchase larger quantities to realize the savings.

Wholesale Shopping Benefits:

  • Lower Prices! You will pay 30-60% less than online retail sources when you purchase products in bulk through HDI Wholesale.

  • Products for Programs: We work with hundreds of non-profit organizations, which means we are familiar with their needs. We consistently add the most requested products to ensure we can support you as a 'one stop shop' for all of your programs.

  • Supply Sourcing: HDI has 40 years of relationships with manufacturers. If there is something you need to run your program, ask us and we can help you find it.

  • Account Manager Support: Every account has a dedicated person that can guide you to products that support your programs with their years of experience working with similar customers.

  • Wish Lists: We are happy to create a wish list your donors can use to purchase your needed supplies at wholesale prices. We gather all the donations and ship them to you at one time. Less work for you, more donations per dollar spent, and it's better for the world!

  • Extra Perks: Based on listening to our customers, HDI provides thoughtful support like marking each case with contents, plus the appropriate age for toy and gift recipients. If you think of something that could help you, just let us know!

  • Shopping Online or by Phone: We take orders online 24/7 or work with you via phone to create the perfect order weekdays from 8 to 4:30! We can be reached at 800-284-5449.

Wholesale Shopping Requirements:

  • Account Approval: After registration, an Account Manager reviews your application to verify your non-profit organization or retail brick & mortar store status. If approved, an email is sent to introduce your personal Account Manager and share your login and password to our website. You can register here: HDI Wholesale

  • Minimum Quantity Purchase: As mentioned earlier, distributor pricing works with bulk purchases. To keep our prices low, we sell only by the case. The minimum quantity purchasable is clearly stated on each item listing on our website.

  • Minimum Value Purchase: Shipping is an important factor in this model. It can be more expensive than our products! The variety of sizes, weights and dimensions matter. To include free shipping, we require a minimum purchase of $1500*. In addition, we set a minimum of $500 purchase through our website. For purchases under $500, please contact your Account Manager directly to discuss shipping options.

*Some National Non-Profit Organizations have lower or higher minimums based on products lines. Ask your Account Manager for additional information.​

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